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Latest Top Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

According to the data provided by Statista, the United States currently holds the distinction of being the world's second-largest apparel market, with a growth trajectory that is expected to continue. This booming market is a monument to the lively fashion industry in the country, where garment manufacturers and suppliers play a crucial role. This market is a testament to the dynamic fashion industry in the country. This article examines the leading companies in the industry, shining light on their offers and the contributions they have made to the dynamic and ever-changing world of fashion.

We are taking Lead in Booming US Clothing Market

The apparel industry in the USA is not only substantial but also on an upward trajectory. A look at Statista's revenue predictions for the clothing market from 2019 to 2023 underscores its robustness across various categories, from women's wear to sports and swimwear. This data sets the stage for understanding the demand that drives the need for top-tier clothing manufacturers and suppliers. Lydia Design Studio stands as a shining example of innovation and excellence. With a commitment to offering cutting-edge clothing designs and manufacturing services, Lydia Design Studio has become a prominent name that resonates with the latest industry standards. Situated at 3660 Oakcliff Rd, Dekalb County 30340, Atlanta, GA USA, their state-of-the-art facility showcases a fusion of creativity and technology, making them a sought-after destination for fashion-forward individuals and businesses alike.

Key Players Of USA Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers

Inter Asia Sourcing: This Ocean, NJ-based manufacturer offers an array of clothing for all genders and age groups. From denim jeans to hats, their diverse range caters to multiple preferences.

Liberty Industries, Inc.: Operating out of East Berlin, CT, this manufacturer specializes in cleanroom apparel. Their offerings include disposable laboratory coats, face masks, and more.

E2Global: Riverside, CA-based E2Global focuses on custom manufacturing, specializing in disposable hospital clothing and related supplies. Their product range includes breast imaging camisoles and medical devices.

Queen Industries: Westminster, SC is home to Queen Industries, a manufacturer of protective disposable clothing. Their garments are designed to safeguard against germs, aerosols, and contamination.

Green Rubber-Kennedy AG, LP: Based in Salinas, CA, this distributor supplies chemical protective clothing for industries dealing with hazardous materials. Their products are designed to provide reliable protection against chemical exposure.

Sutton-Garten Co.: This Indianapolis, IN-based distributor specializes in safety equipment for welders, offering a range of products from gloves to aprons.

Landes Inc.: Houston, TX houses Landes Inc., a manufacturing firm known for its diverse clothing offerings, including polyester robes, cotton aprons, nylon ponchos, and more.

Neway Packaging Corporation: Operating out of Rancho Dominguez, CA, this distributor specializes in providing protective clothing for the food processing and medical industries.

TPC Packaging Solutions: With its headquarters in Cincinnati, OH, TPC Packaging Solutions offers a variety of disposable safety clothing, coupled with maintenance and repair services.

DENIOS, Inc.: This Louisville, KY-based manufacturing company focuses on protective clothing for industries like engineering, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Top Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers by Revenue

In addition to the featured players, we shed light on top clothing manufacturers and suppliers based on their estimated annual revenue as per updated data:

Joseph Fazzio, Inc.: This Glassboro, NJ distributor is a prominent player in the clothing industry, offering a range of products including welding blankets, caps, and sleeves.

Industrial Metal Supply: Operating from Sun Valley, CA, this distributor caters to the needs of welders by providing protective clothing including bibs, gloves, and jackets.

Medline Industries LP.: Based in Northfield, IL, this manufacturing company serves a wide range of industries with various supplies, including apparel for healthcare facilities.

The CDM Company, Inc.: Newport Beach, CA-based CDM Company offers a range of services including custom manufacturing, product design, injection molding, and more.

Airgas: Located in Conshohocken, PA, Airgas offers chemical-resistant suits, workwear, and other protective clothing.

Renfro Corporation: This Mount Airy, NC-based custom manufacturer specializes in branded and private-label socks for various purposes.

DuPont: As a global leader, DuPont manufactures an array of products, including protective clothing for diverse sectors.

Snap Creative Marketing: This Hackettstown, NJ distributor focuses on promotional products, including clothing, caps, and uniforms.

Mouser Electronics, Inc.: Operating out of Mansfield, TX, Mouser Electronics is known for its distribution of protective clothing, including anti-static ESD garments.

GTM Sportswear: Based in Manhattan, KS, GTM Sportswear is a manufacturing company that specializes in sports clothing for all genders and age groups.

Conclusion: Top USA Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers

The clothing industry in the USA is fueled by a dynamic market, with manufacturers and suppliers playing a pivotal role in meeting the diverse demands of consumers. From custom manufacturing to distribution, these entities contribute to the vibrancy and innovation of the fashion landscape. Whether it's protective gear for various industries or specialized sports clothing, the USA's clothing manufacturers and suppliers continue to shape the way we dress and express ourselves. Also, as the fashion landscape evolves, Lydia Design Studio continues to uphold its reputation as a trendsetter, consistently exceeding expectations and setting new benchmarks in the world of clothing design and manufacturing.

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