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15 Steps to Master SELF-MOTIVATION 📈

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15 Steps to Master SELF-MOTIVATION 1. Accept that you’re not motivated, and that needs to change. 2. Why are you doing this? What is your purpose? Break it down! 3. Make the goal visible so you can’t miss it. 4. Visualise the entire process of achieving your goal. 5. Find the first two steps you need to take and complete them. 6. Fix energy levels in your body. 7. Force your body to put in the work - even if it’s shit. 8. Clean up your environment & remove distractions. 9. Create a sense of internal urgency - set a deadline with real repercussions. 10. Schedule for tomorrow - start early! 11. Think of the people that doubted you and that you need to prove wrong. 12. Emulate your heroes and then help yourself. 13. Move the needle - every day. 14. Create a reward after you achieve your goal or milestone. 15. Do it for the people you love & remember to love yourself.

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