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Customize On Demand

You Design & Sell

With Customize on Demand, there's no need to keep mass amount of inventory. Simply share with us your design or idea, we will make a sample for you and keep it as your private style. Than you list it online. Once you make a sale, will do the rest of the work.

We Manufacture and Ship

Once you make a sale, we'll automatically send it to the team to finish the details for Printing or Embroidery!  After that we fulfill the order and your customer receives the Customized Product from your Brand.

Make Money, Risk-Free,
unIque designs

You pay for fulfillment only when you make the sale. The customer pays for the custom packaging and shipping. 

Consult With Us about your future brand

Lydia Design Studio makes it simple to connect your store and start selling with our eCommerce platform integrations including Shopify, Squareup, Paypal, Etsy, Ebay, and more. Think beyond just sell third party tee shirts to premier custom design clothing. 

Design your very own Tailored Garment on Demand 

Stop designing your artwork from off-the-shelf clothing. Stop buying dull garments from overseas companies. When you customize on-demand,  managing collections throughout the year has become convenient. If you have a high-level client who wants that specific garment but doesn't have the proper size or color, customizing on-demand can help. 


Enjoy a perfect fit in your custom-made-to-measure clothing. Forget about standard-size Appreal. You choose your fabrics, the logo, the image, the cut, the style, the sleeves, and the neckline. Design something unique with us! We will help you with sourcing, patterns, and samples before production. Once we have Design Lock Down, you can start selling without having a massive amount of inventory. Customized items include but are not limited to hoodies, tees, shorts, pants, jeans, dresses, and other garment pieces. 

Example of MOQ for Customize on Demand Tee Shirts:

MOQ: 45 = $25 per Tee Shirt        

MOQ: 100 = $24 per Tee Shirt      

MOQ: 1,000 = $20 per Tee Shirt   

Grow Your Fashion Line| Made In America!

If you have a preferred brand for Printing on Demand, we currently work with the following companies:

We are open to working with other companies!

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