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The complete Clothing production Experience   ATlanta     Georgia 

clothing manufacturer Atlanta
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Lydia Design Studio offers the entire clothing production development process, all under one roof: consulting, pattern making, pattern grading, sample production, cut and sew manufacturing, small batch, large batch, and mass production. Below are more details on the procedures we take to manufacture clothes.

Consulting and Clothing Sample Production

Manufacturing your custom clothes in our studio is personalized at it's core. You may be a fashion designer who is starting up a clothing line in need of guidance, or you may be an established clothing brand working your way through a list of clothing manufacturers based in the USA that exceed your expectations of quality. Whatever your case may be, the purpose of our consulting session is to understand you or your company's individual goals so that we can be of service in the best way possible. The consulting session is designed to help you with conceptualization, provide expert design advice, and to estimate the cost of production. We also sketch your design with you to ensure we are on the same page and then proceed to manufacture a clothing sample for you to review before small batch, large batch, or mass production.

clothing manufacturing consultation lydi

Pattern Making

Pattern Making Lydia Design studio atlan

Patterns are the templates from which fabric is cut out into the individual parts of a garment. Pattern making is a very important step requiring very precise mathematical measurements and proportions. We work these details very carefully and then computerize it so that it can be printed out. The measurements are again verified through the use of software programs before printing. Patterns allow for precise apparel manufacturing and allow us to make small batch, large batch, and mass production orders in a more timely manner. We design the patterns to match the exact intended fit and look of the garment when worn.  Taking it a step further, we also offer pattern grading which is the process of fitting the design to a range of other body types and sizes while retaining the proportion, shape, and fit that was originally intended. 

Cut & Sew Manufacturing: Fabric Cutting

After the patterns are designed and printed, they are used to cut out all the individual "parts" of the garment that will be sewn together into the final product. The cutting is executed on sturdy flat-surfaced cutting tables that are both 20 feet in length, with sufficient enough space to lay out the fabric. At each end are rollers that allow us to overlay multiple layers of fabric with ease, simply gliding over on top. The tools we use are industrial cutting machines or scissors, both of which are sharpened regularly for optimal performance. Our efficient pattern design and careful usage of the fabric conservatively saves as much fabric as possible.  

Lydia Design Studio cut and sew manufact
Lydia design studio cut and sew manufact

Cut & Sew Manufacturing: Sewing

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Sewing manufacturer in Atlanta.JPG

This is where everything comes together! We may not offer screen printing yet but this is where true clothing customization takes place, in perhaps it's purest form. Imagine picking out fabric with unique patterns, colors, and with a material other than ordinary t-shirt cotton to create something truly unique. Fortunately, we excel in this exact field. Our seamstresses are professionals who possess extensive experience with a wide variety of different types of fabric and styles. We regularly sew together woven fabric, silk, stretchy leggings, and more. The sewing itself is initiated on sewing machines with the professionals being the life force behind the machinery. Customers of your clothing brand/line will be able to notice the quality down to the first stitch.

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